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Our work spans four main initiatives:

Creative Placemaking that revitalizes communities through public art.

Hope & Recovery programs that reach more youth with art that opens new possibilities and builds lifelong relationships and skills.

Artists in Community: A new generation of artists of color through exhibitions, gallery talks, open mics, and more.

Driving Social Progress: A stronger organization that reaches a broader, more diverse audience with our work.

Read more about our work here: MW.SPOKE.Case.Statement.6.21.21

Please also consider donating to the Jack Casey Memorial Fund, a memorial fund dedicated to longtime friend and support of Medicine Wheel, and a Boston patron of the arts.

“Our Common Path”

Moving beyond diversity to inclusion, building community from the inside out, using art as the threshold

Claim your place on Our Common Path at No Man’s Land.

Buy an engraved brick to honor a loved one, a hope, a dream,
a wish, a prayer, etc.

All donations support our work to build inclusive communities,
using art as the threshold.

For future generations to enjoy