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For her solo show, re/de/constructed language, Caroline Coolidge has reconfigured her multi-media Spring 2022 undergraduate thesis exhibition for Spoke Gallery. The installation consists of video projection, sound, and six wall-mounted abstract drawings. Each drawing is accompanied by a corresponding bound manual. This installation, like her most recent works, “follows (her) interest in exploring her relationship to the written word and captures the way (her) mind engages with text, processing, and sound.” In her art she “is visually translating the tension between connecting and isolating meaning as (she) transform these concepts into a spatial, dynamic process foregrounded by my creative intuition.”

She shares, “In re/de/constructed language, I took the tool that I use to read and used it in an unintended way––as a tool for art making and as my collaborator. Kurzweil 3000 is the text-to-speech OCR tool that helps me read because of my difficulties with dyslexia and phonemic awareness. I have used this tool for over a decade to read audibly by inputting scans of text into this computer program…. The scans (of her drawings) were inputted into Kurzweil 3000 as readable PDFs and the program broke my marks apart as it sought to identify, isolate, and give voice to them.”

The artist would like to thank the following: Everyone at Spoke, the faculty and staff of the AFVS department at Harvard University, her teachers at the Cambridge School of Weston, her friends, family, and the artists and mentors who believed in her and allowed her to grow into the person she is today.

About Caroline: She is an interdisciplinary artist based in Cambridge, MA. She works in drawing, printmaking, installation, video, new media, and text. “Her practice focuses on exploring and unraveling concepts of reality and perception with an emphasis on how language, translation, digital relationality, and communication impact these concepts.” She graduated in Spring of 2022 from Harvard University with a A.B. in Art, Film, and Visual Studies. She has shown her art work in several group shows and has had four solos show: 2021 Glitch. Radiance VR, Berlin, Germany. Presented virtually; 2020 part two––a pop-up exhibition. Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University; 2017 Solace. IS Gallery-Garthwaite Center for Science and Art, Weston, MA ;and in 2016, Line and Form. IS Gallery–Garthwaite Center for Science and Art, Weston, MA.

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